Step to re-begin



The day has ended, the sun is drawn in the infinite limits of sky. While returning home after a long overloaded day, I just needed a cup of coffee to energize my reburning. I close my eyes and scan the happenings of the day to find some talks to b shared, some moments to be laughed holding tummy tight!! Some memories to be relived and some gesture to be completed……. Which meant-?

“ a Fabulous Relation of Innocent and Endless things giving Naughty and Dearly memories…i.e. F.R.I.E.N.D.”

A relation with a friend is like a medicine where just a gaze and the symptoms are withdrawn. A picture is complete with just sitting aside. A thought is born with overwhelming completeness. A life is colored with shades of laughs and tears. A path is refilled with courage and support to face indent pleasures. The wagons of pain pass just with nights, to give toss to days with brightening wishes, just when a friend is around you like the head rests on comfortable bed. The past will flash like scorching light beams, but the heal of the friend’s shoulder gives my present the twinkling light for embedding like shooting stars…… 

Never do I want dinners at good places, nor an expectful surprise on my birthday, a cake to celebrate or a day-out to refresh….. just a walk by the side, a small cup of coffee roadside, watching the sunset near the lake and counting the stars to make a wish will be more than enough to tell, “dear friend, I know you never demand nor expect, but have always given an outbound and faithful relation to trust, most worst jokes to laugh, many irrelevant opinions just to forget, memories to make me relive teary-eyed and most worthy soul to move on….thank you”

                                                 ~ mili desai


A simple life curiously awaiting adventure!! I wished but not admanant to choose a career oriented life, but engrossing to a place where happiness replaces sorrows, not to run away, but to be away from distractions. Never had known one day- Asleep one night, suddenly I wake up with some strange noise, I look around but find nobody! I try to sleep again but same strange voice craks my name. I go near the window, to find lonely streets,treeleaves posing whispers as wind shakes them, street lights tearing parts of darkness and whistling air brushing my face making it cold. I turn towards bed again with same voice but I ignore thinking it might be a dream. I look towards night lamp and the dim light peeping out as I lay. And I hear a sound- “when the boat starts to sail, it doesn’t know about any calamity, but sailer moves ahead with hope and desire to reach his destination. Nevertheless caring of hurdles only weakens heart and optimizing negativeness, rather than positivity which is already there. Inbuilt power to built was not in bloof of Napoleon, his desire set him to win. Every single journey begins with a single step, situations and circumstances are parts and parcels; anything which won’t leave you is you, yourself. But as sarcasm is finishing needle to critics, I will be with you when you find difficulty in right or wrong, to watch you like a star, support you like universe and calm you like soothing breathes, to be ahead of you when light spots behind to enlighten your identity, I am shadow, a transparent love, a polite critic and a walking miracle, to make you win, just for yourself!!”                                         – Mili Desai

A dream through devotion

I walk in despair, with pieces of complaints,Shattered around with questions why this happens always?

I wish to let go off saddness,

As even stars need sun to be litten,

The heart casts the glow of happyness as far as eyes can see,

Before the waves of negativity finally vanishes slowly,

Nevertheless could I believe when,

The greatest discoveries of the world were not with ease,

I gently tap my heart when it inclines towards patience;

When every drop of hope drifts towards a new dream;

A time will come glowing to cast me rise,

Bcoz pain of experience will redeem every missing lyric,

I wish to gleam from sunshine to twilight,

When gentle rain drops will turn a walking miracle of universe,

I will ride, I will fly, I will chase the wind and touch the sky,

I will be a praise, a verse for silent art, a dream through devotion!

Journey: from incredible to undefined

I I wake up a mare to rub my eyes,

With a sale on boat not finding a way, 

Neither with the depth of lonliness nor the Sense of despair,

I wish an icebreaker to praise a gesture!

Till every scar made me realise who I was,

My journey begins with determination; a single thing of own!,

Steamless nights and vigourous days dreaded with poise of stress, 

I found the secret of hope by believing in self,

From hot beam of sunrays to gentle moonlight that glimmers;

I rise towards gleam just when I see it to be mine,

Whether there is glusty wind or fresh air,

I decide not to feel like that anymore or ever again,

I let go off the shades of darkness to change just like that,

When my stars will witness my journey, from incredible to undefined!!​

Starting to write…. Beginning to relive!!

Why I write??!!

Feelings are hunches, which succumb to tears or enlarge with smile!!
It began when my eyes just crossed a line- however you feel; just write!!
One day I was sitting idle, looking at the sky, after an argument with parents, fight with friend, following smeared disappointment with life. Again the moment splashed with a thought tp write. Gradually starting with my heart out, I started to feel my notepad is my best frnd!! Complaints were out, eyelashes smeared with tears and lonliness adhered with pain….. Every word in ink fell out with supportive charm to recreate ravishing thoughts of mind!! I began to feel like caterpillar whose time to crawl had expired and wings were ready to fly!! With every single thought, I had pleasant surprises with smile; not coz I wrote, but to have a drive nevertheless just to listen and never complain…. Every pain is dismissed, every smile is condemned, eyes are full of dreams and hopes are ready to fave!!
Just like every dew drop to morning is soothing ointment to gardens; writing is such warmth to my heart like rainbows even more when sunlight splashes regardlessly!!

– Mili Desai @enlightining thoughts